Keynote speakers

  • Hui Cao (Yale University) – Coherent control of optical absorption
  • Rémi Carminati (Langevin Institute, ESPCI) – Fluorescent emitters in complex media: from source location to cavity QED
  • Allard Mosk (University of Twente) – Shaped wavefronts and speckle correlations: a window into opaque media

Invited speakers

  • Marian Florescu (University of Surrey) – Hyperuniform disordered photonic solids
  • Vincenzo Giannini (Imperial College London) – Quantum plasmonics and non-local nanophotonics
  • Benjamin Judkiewitz (University of Berlin) – Correlations in anisotropically scattering media
  • Stefan Rotter (Vienna University of Technology) – The concept of time in scattering through complex media
  • Alexander Szameit (University of Jena) – Integrated laser-written quantum photonics
  • Silvia Vignolini (Cambridge University) – Cellulose Photonics: from nature to applications
  • Laura Waller (Berkeley University) – Computational imaging for real-time gigapixel microscopy
  • Thomas Wellens (University of Freiburg) – Scattering laser light on cold atoms: multiple scattering signals from single-atom responses

Evening debate speakers

  • Etienne Castanié, Head of Embedded Software & Industrialisation at Qivivo
  • Maria Maragkou, Editor at Nature Materials
  • Nedyalka Panova, visual artist