Keynote speakers

  • Miles Padgett (University of Glasgow) – How many pixels does your camera have? Ours has only one!
  • Monika Ritsch-Marte (Medical University of Innsbruck) – SLM-based synthetic holography or the importance of shaping your wavefront
  • Juan-José Sáenz (DIPC San Sebastián) – Optical binding and light propagation in complex media: multiple scattering and near-field effects

Invited speakers

  • Harish Bhaskara (Oxford University) – Phase change materials in optoelectronics
  • Yidong Chong (Nanyang Technological University) – Topological phase transitions in photonic lattices
  • Adam Eggebrecht (Washington University School of Medecine) – Shining light on the brain: imaging human brain function with diffuse optical tomography
  • Rachel Grange (ETH Zürich) – Beyond plasmonics: oxide and semiconductor nanomaterials for enhancing nonlinear optical signals
  • Zubin Jacob (Purdue University) – Super-Coulombic and spin-momentum locked dipole-dipole interactions between quantum emitters
  • Ori Katz (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) – Imaging with scattered light: looking through the ‘fog’
  • Isabelle Staude (Abbe Centre of Photonics, Jena) – Mie-resonant semiconductor metasurfaces
  • Kevin Vynck (LP2N, Bordeaux) – Electromagnetic modeling of complex resonant nanostructures: challenges and new concepts
  • Bodo Wilts (University Fribourg) – Complex photonics of biophotonic structures and self-assembled optical metamaterials

Evening debate speakers

  • John Hammersley, Founder and CEO of Overleaf
  • Anders Hoff, Science artist at
  • Philip Moriarty, Professor at the University of Nottingham
  • Sybil Wong, Head of Marketing and Communications of Sparrho