Telma Carvalho


Telma Carvalho studied materials engineering at Instituto Superior Tecnico of Lisbon. She completed her PhD at the Catholic University of Leuven working on degradation of copper alloys in high purity water. Before pursuing her PhD she worked for five years at a private research organization in Portugal providing consultancy to industry and carrying our applied research in European and National R&D projects.

Before joining the European Research Council Executive Agency, she was R&D manager at a spin-off company of the Catholic University of Leuven charge of developing sensors and expert systems for assessment of integrity condition of industrial components. Her field of expertise encompasses different areas namely materials science, systems design and signal processing.

At the European Research Council, she is Research Programme Officer in the panel of Systems and Communication Engineering whose projects aim significant advancements in photonics, micro- nanoelectronics, robotics and communication necessary to enable the development of sophisticated products and services that fulfil in a sustainable way today’s societal needs. There, her work consists in managing the evaluation process and following the progress of various ERC funding schemes (Starting, Consolidator and Advanced grants).



European Research Council


Evening debate speaker, 2019