Angela Demetriadou


Dr. Angela Demetriadou was awarded in 2010 a PhD in Metamaterials at Imperial College London. She continued her work at Imperial College London as a post-doctoral research associate, working on chiral metamaterials at microwave and optical regimes, nanoplasmonic devices for chemical applications, and strong coupling at room temperature with plasmonic antennas. In 2017, she moved to University of Birmingham and in 2018 she was awarded the University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society to start her independent research in the fields of quantum plasmonics.

Dr. Demetriadou is currently a Reader in the Theory of Nanophotonics at the University of Birmingham and she specializes on light-matter interactions at extreme nanophotonic devices, such as nanoplasmonic antennas with gaps of ~1nm and photonic crystals with unprecedented Q/V values. Her work aims to develop analytical and numerical techniques that link abstract theories with experiments. More specifically, her research focuses on modelling the photonic modes in such extreme devices, and understanding their interaction with fluorescent molecules, atoms and quantum dots.



University of Birmingham, UK


Invited speaker, 2022

Invited 2022