Said Rahimzadeh-Kalaleh Rodriguez


Said Rahimzadeh-Kalaleh Rodriguez leads the Interacting Photons group at NWO-Institute AMOLF (Amsterdam), where he is tenured since 2022. The group investigates novel mechanisms through which nonlinearities, noise, memory, and dissipation, can synergistically enhance the transport of energy and information in light. Prior to starting his group, Said got a PhD in Physics at AMOLF and TU/Eindhoven.  He worked on strong light-matter interactions in various nanophotonic systems, and pioneered studies of condensation in plasmonics systems.  Said graduated Cum Laude (top 3-5%), received the 2015 FOM thesis prize (best physics thesis in the Netherlands) and the Christiaan Huygens prize honourable mention (2nd best physics thesis in 2009-2014 in the Netherlands). Then, Said obtained a Marie Curie individual fellowship to investigate quantum and nonlinear optics of semiconductor cavities in France. There, he introduced methods for probing dissipative phase transitions of laser-driven systems. In 2017, Said received a NWO Veni grant to investigate noise-assisted optical functionalities, and started his group at AMOLF. With his group, he has opened several new frontiers of physics, including: i) scaling and universality in systems with memory , ii) optical sensors that benefit from noise or short measurements times, iii) broadband noise-assisted signal amplification, iv) cavity photon superfluidity, and v) stochastic thermodynamics of laser-driven resonators.  In 2019, Said received an ERC Starting grant to investigate optoelectronic properties of polaritons, and in 2020 he received an Early Career Award from the Dutch Royal Academy.





Invited speaker, 2024

Invited 2024