Kevin Vynck


Kevin Vynck is a CNRS Researcher at the LP2N (Laboratory for Photonics, Numerics and Nanosciences) in Bordeaux (France), specialized in the theoretical and numerical modelling of light scattering by complex nanostructures. He received his PhD from the University of Montpellier (France) in November 2008, and was post-doctoral fellow at LENS in Florence (Italy) and at Institut Langevin in Paris (France). With his colleagues, he was amongst the firsts to propose using resonant silicon nanostructures for metamaterial applications, to exploit correlated disorder in planar photonic structures to manipulate light trapping in thin films, and to develop an ab-initio theory for the diffusion of polarized light and spatial coherence in disordered media.



Laboratory for Photonics, Numerics and Nanosciences (LP2N), Bordeaux, France


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