Matt Edgar

Advancing in career in advanced photonics

In this talk I will reflect on my transition from academic research to industry and reflect on the most valuable skills that have enabled me to advance my career in photonics. I will also provide an overview of my role as a product owner in research and development within M Squared Lasers. Finally, I shall describe the journey to develop one of the most sophisticated laser systems ever built for calibrating the spectrometers onboard ESA’s Sentinel 5 satellite which will be used to observe and map a multitude of critical atmospheric pollutants that impact our health and affect our climate.


Matt has a background in experimental research spanning quantum optics, computational imaging and gravitational wave detection techniques. After completing his BSc in Physics and Astronomy and PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Glasgow Matt took a post-doctoral research position in the Optics Group at the University of Glasgow. Matt worked closely with the Quantum Enhanced Imaging Centre (QuantIC) on a variety of novel imaging projects with industry, including a low-cost gas imager in partnership with M Squared Lasers. In 2018 Matt joined M Squared Lasers as Product Owner responsible for managing the team that delivered the laser sources for ESA’s Sentinel 5 optical ground support equipment. Nowadays he is heading up the project management of new automated laser systems and leading teams to build complex technology from concept, through prototype, and into fully-tested world-leading products that enable new advances in science and engineering. Recently Matt also became the Education & Mentoring Representative for IEEE Young Professionals Advisory Committee.



M Squared Lasers, UK


Invited speaker, 2021

Invited 2021