Sasha Rakovich


Aliaksandra (Sasha) Rakovich received her PhD in 2011 under the supervision of Professor John F. Donegan (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland). Her PhD work focused on the interactions of colloidal semiconductor quantum dots with various biomaterials, such as membrane proteins and photosynthetic reaction centres. Subsequently, she moved to the Physics Department of Imperial College London, where she worked as a Research Associate for 4 years with Professor Stefan Maier, before transitioning to the Royal Society University Research Fellowship. In October 2017, she joined the Physics Department of King’s College London as a Research Fellow and a Lecturer and established the NanoBioPhotonics group. Her current research interests encompass a range of topics under the general umbrella of nanobiophotonics, including the use of nanomaterials for bio-applications, biomimmetic nanophotonics and nano-enhanced biophotonic materials. Further interests include light-matter interactions, sensing and material manipulation on nanoscales.



King’s College London, UK


Invited speaker, 2022

Invited 2022